Saturday, July 9, 2016


Yes we have taken the dive into the world of YouTube.  Our YouTube channel has been a work in progress for a while.  The kids (Jessie, Tori and Joey) have been on us for years to get a YouTube channel started.  It wasn't until a local guy who does lots of YouTube stopped by and kicked us off that we really looked into it.  One afternoon there was a knock at the door and Jesse Ridgway, a local YouTuber, asked me to allow him to do a series of videos about a kid who works on the farm.  At first we did not want to be part of it but Jesse was so nice and gave us little roles.  Soon we were on scene nearly everyday.
Wow !!!  I think we have been saying that for 3 does take lots of extra time and we are trying to make interesting content.  I (Anita) have been learning to edit, something that came naturally to Joey and Tori.  Nancy is answering fan calls and trying to keep the "shout out board" up to date....all the while we are still trying to farm and make 7 farmer's markets a week.

Not complaining though its all fun.  We are falling into a groove of getting work done, filming and editing.
Thanks to all who watch...........there is so much more to come!!!!!