Saturday, July 9, 2016


Yes we have taken the dive into the world of YouTube.  Our YouTube channel has been a work in progress for a while.  The kids (Jessie, Tori and Joey) have been on us for years to get a YouTube channel started.  It wasn't until a local guy who does lots of YouTube stopped by and kicked us off that we really looked into it.  One afternoon there was a knock at the door and Jesse Ridgway, a local YouTuber, asked me to allow him to do a series of videos about a kid who works on the farm.  At first we did not want to be part of it but Jesse was so nice and gave us little roles.  Soon we were on scene nearly everyday.
Wow !!!  I think we have been saying that for 3 does take lots of extra time and we are trying to make interesting content.  I (Anita) have been learning to edit, something that came naturally to Joey and Tori.  Nancy is answering fan calls and trying to keep the "shout out board" up to date....all the while we are still trying to farm and make 7 farmer's markets a week.

Not complaining though its all fun.  We are falling into a groove of getting work done, filming and editing.
Thanks to all who watch...........there is so much more to come!!!!!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas is a Slower Time at the Farm

Christmas Preparations........Yes the farm is still technically open for Christmas.  Be it WAY less hours for Nancy and I we make handmade wreaths, grave blankets, centerpieces, anything we are requested to do.
Yesterday Steve and the boys helped me trim a neighbor's pine tree.  We were able to enough the base greens for the orders we have to make for Wednesday pick up.  The Holly Trees are the next to get their trim.  There shiny green prickly leaves and bright berries will be used for accents on our holiday greenery.
It is a slower pace here at the farm at this time of year..  Nancy and I make our "creations" in the Kid's Play Greenhouse near the farm market.  The smells of fresh cut pine is heavy in the air.  We have hunters come buy to purchase feed corn and chat.  We mostly sing along to the Christmas music playing and chat about what we will get people for Christmas.  Teachers, group leaders, friends and family.  We gift to many of the same people so we need to be sure not to double a gift.  Sometime we actually try to coordinate the gifts....and sometimes that even works out!!!

Many people ask about our day.  To us it seems pretty normal.  Get up, kids ready for school, kids out the door, us out to is here where we take a turn from the normal.
First.......Food and Water....Chickens, Pigs, Goats oh my!!!!
So far there have only been a few mornings when the water buckets were frozen but that will soon happen everyday.  So we lug water buckets from the house out to the pens.  Crack the ice in the buckets that we have out there and set them in the sun to dry.  But until the frozen buckets we LOVE the hose!!!!
So water and feed all animals, collect any eggs (there are way less this time of year so that is a quick job)
If we have any...pick collards, kale, broccoli, etc.  We did a really good job of selling out this fall so we only need to check these items once or twice a week.
Check the greenhouse.....yes we still have tomatoes growing in the greenhouse.  The are slow to grow and even slower to ripen this time of year but we get enough to feed our households.
Today I will make grave blankets for a customer who ordered 8.  Nancy will decorate them.  She has a special knack of making each blanket personal for the person it is meant for ...even though she may have never known that person.
Then done by 3 to get the kids from the bus and make dinner.......lots different from the summer schedule but there it is.........a day in the life!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

County Fair

Well today was the closing day of our county fair.  The kids work all year preparing their animals to show at the fair.  It is a tiring week for the parents, who work food stands, t shirt booths and endlessly trim and prep with the children and the animals.  The kids show all day and enjoy the fair all night.
As I sit here totally exhausted I listen to the kids talking about how next year they will win a higher ribbon or try to show a different animal.
The life of a farm kid !!!!  Thrilling and exhausting !!!!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Tomatoes are finally here !!!!

WOW !!!!

Summer has been slow to start this year at the farm.  We are usually flush with tomatoes by now and this year we have just started to pick them.  They are coming out slowly but it looks like we will pick them this week.
What to do with your tomatoes once we get them ??  I know the classic tomato sandwich is the first thing to come to mind but here is one way we like them here at the farm.

Tomato Salad

Simplest Italian Tomato Salad

Mix all together and refrigerate for several hours before serving.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Our September Schedule

September 8..........1 till 4 pm.........Grandparents Day.........Bring Grandma to to the farm !!!!  or Grandpa !!!
Each Grandparent will receive a free bag of animal feed to share with their grand children and a special gift for the grandparent too !!!! 

September 15...........1 till 3.......Scavenger Hunt...........Stop by the farm stand to receive a list of items to find.  Return with a full bag for a prize.

September 22.......1 till 3 ....Farm Equipment Day !!!  If your little one loves the tractors bring them to the farm for this event.  Our tractors will be on display for little ones to check out!!!!

September 29............1 till 3........Bunny Day !!! This will be our last bunny day for the season.  Bunnies will be on display and Jessie ( our resident bunny expert) will be here to help little ones get an on hands experience.
 October 12.......6  till 9 pm.......Flashlight Tag in the corn maze !!!!  
$5 per person.  Bring your own flashlight and marshmallow to roast at the fire.  We will drop you off at the entrance of the corn maze and you play your way to the end.  

All events are free unless otherwise noted. 

Fall is coming !!!!

You can see by the blogs I write.........Summer is crazy busy.  I find myself blogging in Spring and then Fall for this reason.  Summer sure did fly by us.  The is was the wettest, hottest, coolest summer ever.  We had very few irrigation days but many "drainage" days.  Where we had to ditch the fields to flow the rainwater away from the fields.
Farmer's Markets are starting to wind down and corn maze reservations coming in pretty much daily now.
A few pics from fall last 2012......

Gourds and Mums everywhere !!!

The pumpkin field 

                                                          Decisions, Decisions !!!!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring has Sprung !!!!

Spring weather has us excited here at the farm.  With new farmer's markets  and extending hours for our Porch Market we are gearing up for a super planting!!!  We are doubling the amount of tomatoes and cucumbers since we often run out of those.  Many other items are increasing as well!!!

Last year we added to the strawberry field so we hope everyone is ready to purchase our harvest !!!

We planted tomatoes in our greenhouse last month and they look great.  Nice and big.....if we can get good pollination on them we should have tomatoes in June!!!

Our farmer's Markets in Philadelphia are listed on our web site most will start in late May.