Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Chores

It is always early April when the chore of getting the animals ready for the summer begin.

Today the piglets arrived from a friend's farm. In all their stink and squeal they looked so afraid. After the excitement of their arrival faded everyone went about the other chores. I stayed with the pigs....checking them out. That one has a cut on his head, this one has a really curly tail, the other one is a runt. All the little things you notice about them.

Then I realized that they were not eating............weird for pigs. We have a automatic waterer and feeder. They came from a farm without them. It took us about an hour to teach them how to use them. Almost lost a finger but I was able to get them to catch on. The waterer has to be pushed with their tongue - they caught onto that pretty well. The feeder has to be opened with their nose - I ended up tying it open with a bungee cause they just couldn't grasp it. I will work on it more tomorrow.

I went to help the girls with the goats. Immunization shots for all babies, cleaned hooves on the big goats, wormer all around and neutered the boys!!!! Somehow the girls think that is funny.
Cleaned the old hay out of the pens and scrubbed out the water pails.

Tomorrow..............I tackle the donkey......he needs some TLC.............

Stay tuned cause that is sure to be a memorable chore as well !!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wind !!!!

Yes it has been so very windy here lately. When working on the greenhouse I often feel like Dorothy waiting for the house to blow away. This afternoon our little black chicken was on top of the fence. She gets up there so that she can hop into the goat pen and steal their food.
The wind blew her right off !!!!
She is fine....a little shaken..........but after she stood and ran away I had to laugh. Even the goats stopped and looked at her laying there like to say "you dumb chicken !!!"
But then she got up and they chased her out of the pen.

Having a great time watching the barnyard as I work !!!!