Saturday, July 9, 2011

RAIN !!!

We have needed rain for quite a while but if I can chose I will always prefer it not come on a market day.

This Friday we set our tents up at Gorgas Park - just as we were loading the tables with our Jersey Fresh Produce - the sky opened up. A very nice construction worked who happened to be working in the area took shelter from the rain with us under the tent. He helped hold the tent during the blowing wind !!!

To our surprise the sky turned clear just long enough for us to set up. Then it opened up again and poured sown on us. We had scores of customers in rain gear, toting umbrellas or just getting wet.

Had to keep our credit card machine wrapped in a rain coat but nothing can keep the Roxborough residents from the freshness of our produce.

It was a damp and great day !!!!!!

Blow Out !!!!

Well this week has been busy enough that it may require 2 posts !!!

Thursday - Jefferson Farmer's Market Day.

Picking, packing, sweating, etc.....

Finally we got it all in the truck. Anyone who knows us can tell you our truck is packed with the precision of a vacationing woman. Every last nook is filled.

The truck has no A/C so we make the best of it with the windows down - hot air blowing.....then BAM !!!! THUMP THUMP THUMP.........tire blew. Of course we are in the left lane. Nancy moves the truck to the side of the road with skills I never knew she had.

All 3 of us get out to survey the of course just want to cry but we all stay strong.

OK where is the spare ? Behind 15 bushel of CORN !!!!

I got in and slowly handed bushel at a time to Nancy she passed it to Tori and we stacked it on the side of the road. Got to the tire ...YAY !!!!!n Where is the jack ? Of course it is not with the tire !!!! In the side door - boxes of peaches are unloaded, cases of tomatoes - all stacked on the side of the road.

Tire...check, Jack..........Check - no lug wrench !!!!

The man who saved the day NJ DOT !!!!! Thank God for the one program Christie left in tact !!!

After refusing every piece of produce we offered with a "no thank you I cannot accept anything" off we went to make it with 10 minutes to set up. Its all good !!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Farmer's Markets

Where are we ? and when ?

It is a common question lately so here is our run down:

Monday - HollyDell School. We take our produce to this school for special needs children. Nancy works with the kids to set up and run a farmer's market for the staff and family of the students. A portion of the sales goes to the children's activity fund

Tuesday - Camden County WIC office - right behind the DePierro building at the Lakeland site. Here we accept the Sr Vouchers and WIC checks while offering a variety of Jersey Fresh Produce.

We usually go to a senior citizen program in Gloucester County NJ on Monday or Tuesday twice a month. We do not have a permanent schedule for this - it is on an as needed basis.

Wednesday - University City....this market does not start for us until mid August

Thursday - Jefferson Hospital Market - right on Chestnut St between 9 th and 10 th. We team with the Farm to City Program to offer fresh produce to the city of Philadelphia

Friday - Gorgas Park , Ridge Ave, Roxborough. Again we partner with Farm to City in Philadelphia

Saturday and Sunday - we are open here at the farm for visiting and produce....stop by anytime Sat 9 am till 7 pm , Sunday noon till 7 pm.