Saturday, May 28, 2011

Escapees !!!!

Today we had several people u pick strawberries at the farm so I was rather busy. Prepping the stand, getting animals "ready for company" , things like that.

I took the Scooter and Peanut to the large pasture to enjoy the grass (and keep it trimmed so I don't have to do it). I let Scooter in the pen and off his lead - I turned to get Peanut off her lead and Jack brayed - oh so loudly !!!!! Scooter spooked and bolted past Peanut and me - heading for the road. I finally got hold of him , calmed him and got him back to the pen.

A few minutes ago I drove the small tractor past the rabbit pen......empty !!!!! Our VERY SMALL black rabbit had escaped. I walked around very quietly and finally he hopped right up to me. I don't know who had a more fearful look - the bunny who was scared to be out or ME - the one who would have to tell my niece I lost her bunny !!!!

All in a days work at the farm !!!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Market start !!!

We started a few our our farm markets this week.
Nice to see all of our old friends from Jefferson and make new ones at Gorgas Park.
Have lots of produce starting this week and I hurt my back. What good is a farm worked who can't pick?
Thabnk God for my husband who helps my sister get it all done.
Nice thing about it is I got to rcatch up my blog !!!